Why the world needs dreamers!

We all know and can easily recognize the dreamers at a young age. They are the ones who talk about being rich and famous when they grow up. The adults roll their eyes and talk about reality or “the real world” and, sadly,  eventually douse some of those dreams.

Dreamers are some of the most misunderstood people in society. What society does not recognize is the dreamer’s most important superpower, ambition. What do you think Martin Luther King Jr. was? Or what about Steve Jobs? Or your high school drama teacher that refuses to give up? Dreamers are the ones that change the world, and need to be embraced instead of ostracized. 

With a dreamer’s mindset, anything is possible. Do you want to become a TV star? Is there a story you need to tell? What about that woman you met at the coffee shop two days ago? Do you have a promotion you are wanting and rightfully deserve at work? Well, go out there and fight for what you want! You can do it! Just imagine the finish line of where you want to be and go after it. 

If you find yourself focusing too much on reality, just let your thoughts travel back in time to when you were a child and dreamed of being a veterinarian. That feeling of excitement and hope you felt when you were just a dreamer did not have to go away. Reach for it and embrace it. There are more dreamers out there than you realize! One day we will rule the world! (See, I told you we were ambitious!)

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4 Solid Tips for Brokowskis Who Want to be Annuities Sales Leaders

Annuities can be a challenging thing to sell when it comes to selling insurance, especially if you are inexperienced at how the selling process works. They are serious, complex vehicles that are difficult to comprehend in the few minutes you may have to explain them, before it sounds too much like a ploy. 

But an experienced brokowski knows that in order to be an insurance sales leader, he’s got to take extra steps to learn the process and appease his clients… why not learn to be a sales leader, brokowski?

Here are 4 tips to help you the next time you are talking annuities with a client.

1. A brokowski is a teacher.

If you are in business, you likely have made it a career. But how are you at teaching? Selling an annuity can be broken into two parts: the pitch and the education. Where it usually goes awry is when you run out of fodder for the pitch. Learn to educate your clients on why an annuity can help them accomplish lifelong goals. Selling is business, teaching is a great way to get a potential client on board.

2. A brokowski learns to say no.

It may be difficult from a business perspective, but turning down a client isn’t always a negative thing (think about it for a minute). Since there are many companies that sell immediate annuities, there are many people looking to buy them. That means not every potential client is a match for your company. Be up front, and frank, and if you think someone won’t be a good fit, let them know.

In the end, they’ll appreciate your honesty and, after realizing just what you offer, may come back with a fresh perspective ready to be educated. Being involved in a business deal where both of you are unhappy is just plain bad business.

3. A brokowski’s reputation matters.

Of course your reputation is important. It’s not something to be taken lightly. People will always talk more about a bad experience than a good one. So keeping within the parameters of a good salesperson is important to drumming up new clients, and keeping old ones happy. 

4. Staying current helps a brokowski’s plight.

If you want to impress the importance of how an annuity will help a potential client in the future, inject current events into your meeting. If you set aside time in each meeting to talk about the state of the economy, and how it can affect future plans, you might be surprised at how much these facts will shed light on the uncertainty of the future. It may just be enough insight to push a client to buy an annuity to help secure that future. 

No one will bother talking about annuities if they think you are just going to be another salesperson. So don’t be one. Instead, provide them with the reasons that you understand, and sincerely would like to help secure their future, and you’ll be surprised at much your annuity sales will be boosted. Why not, brokowski?

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The good habits of a rich brokowski

It is axiomatic that it is better to be rich than poor. People with more money have more opportunities to do more things, not only for their own gratification but also to help other people. So what are the good habits of a rich brokowski?

According to Efficient Life Skills, a financial planner named Tom Corely examined the habits of the rich vs. those of the poor and came up with some interesting observations.

Rich people tend to eat healthier and exercise more than to poor people. Rich people tend to be focused on a single goal and maintain a to do list more than poor people do. Rich people tend to read more, watch TV less (especially reality TV), network more, and say what is on their mind more than poor people. Rich people, responding to question, will state that good habits cause success and bad habits can be detrimental to the same than do poor people.

The takeaway from this study suggests that there are habits that tend to help one become rich and those that can keep people in poverty. It suggests that if one wants to acquire more wealth and thus all the opportunities it can bring, one might want to cultivate good habits.

The United States especially is a country that has a great deal of socioeconomic mobility. A person born poor is not condemned to live the rest of his or her life in poverty. On the other hand a person born to great wealth can squander it as easily as it was made and find him or herself destitute at the end of the day. The key factor, it would seem, is good vs. bad habits.

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Three Easy Steps to Feel Like a Very Important Person

We have all had those moments where we feel completely unimportant. We feel like things are going great for everyone else around us and like others are achieving great things while we are just sitting on our couches at home. We begin to feel like we can never measure up to the guy three houses down who always seems to do something incredible like saving a dog from a burning building or donating a million dollars to the poor orphans in some African country you cannot even pronounce. The good news is you do not have to be the great hero to be a very important person.

If you are feeling down about yourself, there are a variety of things you can do. First, connect with friends. This can be nearby friends or friends hundreds of miles away. It can be in-person, on the phone, through the Internet, or however you want to connect with friends. Relive your glory days. Laugh about the time you almost scored a touchdown for the other team in pee wee football or the time your friend asked a girl out only to find out she already had a boyfriend. Laughing with friends is one of the best ways to feel important.

Second, do something for someone else. This is even better if you do it anonymously. It does not have to be anything big. Move your neighbor’s newspaper out of the path of their sprinkler system. Do not cuss at someone when the person cuts you off in traffic. Smile at a stranger in the store. Do something to look outside yourself. Just knowing you have done something for someone else is a great way to feel a little more important. Without you, things could have gone differently.

Finally, reward yourself for your good deed or simply because you understand you are a very important person. Ice cream is always a great reward. Tickets to your favorite sporting event is another great idea. As an added bonus, you can bring along a friend and even treat the friend to ice cream or a sporting event. Then you can feel extra important.

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A bald brokowski should be out and proud

Going bald is something that many men dread as it is often a sign of age and is considered by some to be a detraction from masculinity. But some of the greatest figures in history were bald, as have been some famous celebrities. If a brokowski finds himself to be bald, he should be out and proud about it and not try to cover it up with a wig or hair piece.

The famous bald man in history was Caius Julius Caesar, the famous Roman statesman and general. He was not only successful in war and politics, but loved by many women and admired by many men (though not all, as the unfortunate incident on the Ides of March proved.) His troops called him “old baldy” out of affection and sang the following as they marched in triumph.

“Home we bring the bald whoremonger

Romans lock your wives away

All the bags of gold you lent him

Went his Gallic tarts to pay!”

Other famous bald people of history include Gandhi, Mikhail Gorbachev, Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare, and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Modern bald celebrities include Bruce Willis, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel, Patrick Stewart, Ben Kinsley, George Foreman, Sean Connery, astronaut Story Musgrave, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Jordan, and many others.

The point of all of this is that bald is sexy. Bald is masculine. Bald is even powerful. So no one, not to mention a proper browkowski, who finds himself bald should be ashamed. Otherwise he will be like William Shatner, who is also bald, but covers it up. And who wants to be like William Shatner?

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Want to Prepare Healthy Food for Your Next BBQ? Why Not, Brokowski?

What’s a BBQ without snacks? Boring. Does that mean it always has to be greasy burgers and brats? No. A BBQ for you and yours can also feature healthy snacks. Because after all, sometimes your health is all that you’ve got.

So whether you and your friends are celebrating a birthday, graduation, gameday, or just a gathering outside because of the beautiful weather and to celebrate all that is life, snacks are an important factor to keeping all of your bros happy and their bellies full, and no party is complete without them.

With that, here are five quick, easy, and healthy snacks to prepare for your next BBQ:

Turkeys in a Blanket

Simply take turkey hot dogs (or tofu dogs!), wrap them in whole wheat crescent dough, and top with poppy seeds. Bake accordingly, and serve with an assortment of sauces (honey mustard, hot and spicy, etc.). For vegetarians, replace turkey with tofu.

Chips and Malt Vinegar

Not bagged potato chips! Instead, cut 4 large Yukon potatoes into chips and place on a baking sheet. Bake until golden brown. Flip them. Drizzle with some olive oil and kosher salt, bake an additional 10 minutes. Serve in a bowl topped with malt vinegar and kosher salt. Crunch!

Spicy Pistachios

Take one pound of unsalted and shelled pistachios. Add to them (as much or as little) cayenne, pepper, ginger, allspice, and bake on a flat sheet for about 30 minutes. Stir around every 10 minutes. Place in bowl and serve. Full of protein and chock full of vitamins.

Cream Cheese and Turkey Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

Not as difficult as it sounds. Take 12 large jalapeno peppers, slice them in half, remove stems, and core out all white pulp and seeds (unless you like it extra spicy… we’re serious). Fill with vegan gourmet cream cheese. Top with diced onions and pre-cooked bacon. Bake about 20 minutes. Optional: Sprinkle fat-free shredded Mexican cheese on top.

Easy Buffalo Chicken Wings with Dip

What’s game day without chicken wings? Preheat oven to 375. Take 1 pound skinless chicken drumsticks, shake with salt and pepper, garlic powder, olive oil, and chili powder in a plastic bag. Bake 1 hour. Once cooked, toss the wings in a bowl with your favorite sauce until coated. 

For the dipping sauce, try mixing 1 cup plain Greek yogurt, 1 packet ranch dressing seasoning mix, and 1/2 cup skim milk. Stir in some diced chives and black pepper. Serve.

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Kirk, Spock and McCoy: good friends on a starship

One of the reasons “Star Trek” has become a cultural icon, enduring beyond just being a three season wonder in the late 1960s, is its focus on human relationships. In particular it rises above most of television because of a trio of unusual good friends, Captain James T. Kirk, Commander Spock, and Dr. Leonard McCoy. Indeed the show and the subsequent movies were often studies of friendship under stress.

Much has been written about how Spock represented cold Vulcan logic and McCoy raw, human emotion and how that caused them to clash as Captain Kirk looked on bemused. Of course this is an oversimplification. Spock had an emotional side, due to his human half, that he took great pains to suppress with varying degrees of success. McCoy, due to his being a physician, had to follow logic when it came to doing his job. He no doubt had to suppress his own emotions when he was deep in a surgical procedure of an alien or diagnosing and treating an exotic disease.

Spock and McCoy served one another as friends by challenging each other’s assumptions. They would rarely concede the points of the other, but the famous arguments did strengthen both men, as iron sharpens iron, as exposure to other points of view do.

Kirk benefited from this strange relationship both personally and professionally. Spock was like another brain for the famous starship captain, but McCoy was also another heart. Kirk was sure to get every side of a vexing questions, whether it was what to do with a hot, alien babe or whether or not to violate the prime directive once again. As a leader Kirk had, if not Abraham Lincoln’s team of rivals, a pair of rivals as friends.

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The Perks of Being Non-Famous

#4: More Time & Individuality – It may look like famous people put in just a few hours a day, but most famous people are totally consumed by their professions. They have to be, or they’ll get run over by the next best thing (emphasis on people being viewed as things here). Plus, they have tons and tons of people bombarding them with energy—and seeing them exactly the way they want them to be instead of for who they are. Celebrities get lost in the public eye, media portrayals of them, and a host of other negative things, so that their individuality gets completely sucked-up by other people. If you think about it, that really sux! When you’re non-famous you get to be yourself, and you usually have much more time to do so!

#3: Less Moochers & Freeloaders – Famous people have lots of money, but everyone wants a piece of the pie. From small requests to huge ones, famous people are constantly asked for money, things, time, endorsements, appearances, and anything that mooches off their status and income. It’s bad enough when you have a financially challenged friend who always wants to bum food and rides, but with celebrities, the takers may not even be your friends at all! See below:

#2: Real Friends & Real Love – How does a celebrity ever know who their real friends and loves are? Even when famous people have friends they’ve known their whole lives, they may never be sure if those people stick around just because of their current status. Of course, people will fall over a celebrity, but it often has nothing at all to do with the actual person. Going through your life without brokowski friends or significant others that love you for you sounds awful! What a great perk of being non-famous!

#1: Privacy & Freedom – We saved the most obvious for last! But think about it: not being able to go to the store or step outside your house or BREATHE without someone following you around and invading your privacy. Some things (or a lot of things) you just don’t want a bunch of people seeing, and if you want to have a bad hair day, you don’t need some stupid entertainment show calling you out for it. Nor do you want to have to hide away from society just to escape the media madness. When you consider how much freedom and privacy you lose, it’s a little shocking that anyone would ever want to be famous! Instead, why not brokowski?

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Why should a brokowski grow a beard

Why should a brokowski grow beard? Simply put it is the rare male face that is not improved by being adorned by facial hair. A beard lends authority and character to a face that is otherwise bland and nondescript. Depending on the man and the type of growth, a beard can denote authority or menace.

Buzzfeed lists what it calls 22 reasons why men should grow beards. The best reason is how some of the most famous people might not have been so famous had they been clean shaven. Would Abraham Lincoln be as great a president had he not grown whiskers? Would Che Guevara have been as intimidating a revolutionary had he remained clean shaven? Who could imagine George Lucas or Steven Spielberg without the beards? Would the Indiana Jones movies have turned out as cool?

The vast variety of beards allows for a decree of self-expression. There is the minimalist soul patch that just darkens the cheeks, as if a guy just forgot to shave for a day or so that conveys the image of a bad-ass. On the other end of the spectrum we have the full, bushy beard that brings to mind the mountain man, lumberjack, or Viking warrior. In between there is the well-trimmed beard that a Victorian gentleman or an opera singer like Pavarotti might sport. Of course you can also just let the thing grow wild and you can be either a rock star or a homeless man, depending on your income.

The best reason to let the facial hair grow is the savings on razors and shaving soap. You can use the money instead to buy a few more books, see a few more movies, and maybe take a lady to finer restaurant from time to time.

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Getting Things Done In Your Spare Time; Why Not?

That phrase “spare time” always makes me laugh.  If you’re the type of person whose list of things to do is a mile long then sometimes it can feel like there’s no such thing as spare time. Even the time it takes to sit down and watch the Superbowl or visit a movie theatre can feel more like wasted time than spare time.  But the truth is that everything we do in every minute we’re awake is “spare” time because we get to choose how we spend it. So why not, Brokowski? Manage your spare time like a boss.

But what about my day job?

It’s true, your day job is a choice. No one is forcing you to go to work every day. If it’s that miserable, then find something new. If you can come to a place where you’re happy with your decision to work there, then you need to put on a smile and use your time as wisely as possible.  There are apps for productivity that can help with that.

In the meantime, if you’re feeling like there’s not enough time for getting things done at work, then begin by keeping a time-tracking log and getting real with yourself about what you’re spending your time on at work.  Once you have a real understanding of the way you’re currently using your time you can make a conscious effort to delegate tasks elsewhere, perhaps hire a personal assistant or a virtual assistant or rearrange your schedule and tasks to become more efficient. 

Dwight D Eisenhower had a great 4 quadrant system for determining which tasks should be delegated and which should be done by you.  If you ever have problem giving up control of tasks then by all means look up his system and learn more about it.

Getting Things Done at Home

The key to getting things done isn’t always about finding the time, sometimes it’s about gathering supplies and having a formal plan for making things happen.  If you keep meaning to get around to repairing something, creating a piece of art or rearranging something at home then back up from the task just a little bit and start right now by breaking down the steps it will take to get the job done.  Schedule time to prepare for the task and when you’re ready, schedule time to get it done.

Getting Things Done in Life

Nothing can help you solidify your intentions better than devoting a little time every week to clarifying your thoughts and goals.  Life planning experts teach us that nothing awesome is going to happen if we don’t plan for success.  Make yourself some long-term and some short-term goals and make sure that every day you’re completing something toward your goals. 

So what are your long term and short term goals, Brokowski?  Contact us and let’s collaborate on how to get more things done.