Starting A Yoga Class With Your Brokowski

Starting yoga is the first step in a healthier and less stressful life for you and your brokoski.  Yoga offers a variety of benefits including strength, flexibility and balance. Additionally, yoga focuses on breathing and meditating techniques increasing lung capacity and stimulating the relaxation response. Yoga beginners can feel the benefits right after their first class and come away feeling calmer and appearing in a happier mood.  As soon as you decide that you and your friends want to participate in yoga , you need to select a yoga style you want to learn.  The majority of beginners find a Vinyasa or Hatha class appropriate for their needs, letting them learn basic styles in slow or fast-paced classes.  However, hiring a yoga teacher will allow you to try to learn fancier yoga styles at a quicker rate.  

Next, you need to find a yoga class in your area. Local newspapers, friends or online resources should make this part an easy step, furthermore many gyms offer beginner yoga classes.  Having your yoga studio in a convenient location will make it easy for you to attend class near your home or work. Finding a yoga class through friends or online resources offer the extra bonus of getting reviews of how the class will go.

Once you know where you are having your yoga class, find out what you need to bring to the class. The first day of class will require breathable, comfortable clothing and a water bottle. However, you may need to acquire a yoga mat or simple yoga equipment. The good news is most studios and gyms rent out yoga mats and basic equipment.

If you are nervous about learning yoga or going to your first class, do not be. In a normal yoga class, most students space out a bit and place their mats facing the teacher’s mat. Student then stretch or sit cross-legged while waiting for the class to start.

The teacher will then address the class, and start with either breathing exercises or a short meditation period before leading into warm up yoga poses. If you are not sure, what you are doing or how to do it properly, do not be afraid to ask or look around you at other students. The majority of beginner yoga classes are accustomed to unenlightened new students that need extra help until they comprehend the yoga poses. If you need to rest during a class take a child’s pose.

After warm up, you will expand to further forceful poses including a variety of stretching to expand your flexibility and muscle tone. After the workout, you will have ending stretches and a final relaxation or meditation.


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