My Best Friend and on a New Adventure

As many young college students do, my best friend and I found ourselves pondering life’s many journeys and found that our world possessed many facets. (Duh, I know, I know.) This, inevitably, led to us deciding on a road trip. 

We think this trip will help us discover something. Something books, assignments, papers and all those other things college students procrastinate on have yet to reveal to us. Will we be successful? Well, my gut tells me we will (and my gut normally speaks the truth), but we will have to just wait and see.

This sounds like something from one of those chick-flick television shows or movies, does it not? Well you better believe it is going to be! Why not? It is an adventure worth going on. It may not be to a place far, far away, but it is just far enough that we can learn something about ourselves. In fact, I think we will learn something about our friendship as well. You see, my best friend and I, we are a lot alike, and when comparing our differences, her’s compliment mine and vice versus. But you can stick two peas in a pod inside a moving car for hours and find that one gets tired of another being so close.

But in the end, what fun this experience will be. And if it does end up badly, no one will ever know because my best friend and I will stick together and create the most hilarious, fun-filled and inspiring story!

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