Ministry for the Poor: Helping Out with Poverty

In a world filled with sad news, whether on TV or in everyday life, its always nice to hear wonderful stories of people who are helping out the poor on a regular basis. Take for example this team that just finished being on outreach in Costa Rica and Panama for a missionary school called YWAM (Youth with a Mission). 

Here in this blog post, one of the staff members, Sara Jean, shares a bit about her and her team’s trip so far while they were in Costa Rica. She says that they, “brought coffee and bread and cookies to people in a really bad area in the city. We got out of the van and homeless people were swarming us even women with children, it was really sad. Even the little kids like ages 3,4,5 were drinking coffee because they were so cold. While we were handing it out to them we were all praying, you could feel the heaviness of the spiritual atmosphere.”

YWAM LA (The Los Angeles branch of YWAM) is a place that offers schools where people study topics such as human trafficking and missions. Not only do they study these topics, but they put them into practice for a period of 5-6 months per school. Everyone on the base spends time helping each other out by doing things like: cooking meals, cleaning rooms, and gardening.

Overall, the students and staff continuously learn how to treat their friends, neighbors, and even the people that are against them with an approach of love compassion and forgiveness that our world would be blessed to see more and more of everyday.

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