Never tried yoga before? Why not, Brokowski??

If your a brokowski and you’ve never taken a yoga class but have been thinking about it–or at least you are now–then let me toss you some reasons why you should stop thinking and just DO IT.

1. Yoga is NOT just for girls

Brokowskis are not limited by traditional gender roles, a brokowski is up for anything that he thinks might be a real bro time, true brokowskis will throw on retro teal, purple, and hot pink spandex and out bro-oga everyone in the room!

2. …but there WILL be girls there!

While breaking social gender norms a brokowski can still use this opportunity to socialize of course.

3. Yoga is, like, actually a really tough workout…

You really don’t even KNOW what working out IS until you’ve taken an hour and a half long Bikram yoga class in a room that is heated to 105 degrees and pumped full of humidity with an instructor who stands up on an elevated stage barking out 26 poses that are incredibly hard to master and pointing out anyone not trying hard enough. (…or there are less intense classes too.)

4. Yoga makes you feel gooooood

Working out and getting fit always makes a brokowski feel rad, and with yoga you also get a workout for your mind! Just let go of any stress and fully experience the brokowski moment.

5. Namaste is like the original “why not brokowski”

Translated into Brokowski, at the end of a yoga class when you say Namaste it means: “The bro in me recognizes and honors the bro in you, together we are one in our brokowski experience.”

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