How a brokowski becomes famous

We have all noted people who are famous not for any kind of accomplishment, but for just being famous. People who inhabit a number of reality shows and tabloid magazines certainly qualify. It is only fitting that a good brokowski, if becoming famous, should do so by actually doing something of note.

Fame can be gotten in a couple of ways. The first is by a singular feat that hits the media and impresses a lot of people due to the heroism or some other quality that it represents. The second is by a body of work that builds up over time.

Obviously someone who does something heroic, like charging into a burning building to save a child or landing a passenger liner on the water safely, saving his or her passengers, qualifies for the first kind of fame. But an artist who makes a great movie, a writer who produces a great novel, a researcher who cures an intractable disease, or a businessman who creates a new product that enriches lives qualifies too.

The second kind of fame can sneak up on someone. A brokowski can work as a character actor in movies for decades, being overshadowed by A list stars, but still turning in a solid body of work until, one fine day, notice is taken. A politician can work in obscurity in a state legislature, helping to pass laws that help people, for a long time, only to suddenly find fame when ascending to national office, either by running, or being appointed to a judgeship, a cabinet post, or the second slot on a presidential ticket.

The takeaway is that no one will wonder why a brokowski is famous. That will be self-evident because a brokowski does great things that earn fame.

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