4 Solid Tips for Brokowskis Who Want to be Annuities Sales Leaders

Annuities can be a challenging thing to sell when it comes to selling insurance, especially if you are inexperienced at how the selling process works. They are serious, complex vehicles that are difficult to comprehend in the few minutes you may have to explain them, before it sounds too much like a ploy. 

But an experienced brokowski knows that in order to be an insurance sales leader, he’s got to take extra steps to learn the process and appease his clients… why not learn to be a sales leader, brokowski?

Here are 4 tips to help you the next time you are talking annuities with a client.

1. A brokowski is a teacher.

If you are in business, you likely have made it a career. But how are you at teaching? Selling an annuity can be broken into two parts: the pitch and the education. Where it usually goes awry is when you run out of fodder for the pitch. Learn to educate your clients on why an annuity can help them accomplish lifelong goals. Selling is business, teaching is a great way to get a potential client on board.

2. A brokowski learns to say no.

It may be difficult from a business perspective, but turning down a client isn’t always a negative thing (think about it for a minute). Since there are many companies that sell immediate annuities, there are many people looking to buy them. That means not every potential client is a match for your company. Be up front, and frank, and if you think someone won’t be a good fit, let them know.

In the end, they’ll appreciate your honesty and, after realizing just what you offer, may come back with a fresh perspective ready to be educated. Being involved in a business deal where both of you are unhappy is just plain bad business.

3. A brokowski’s reputation matters.

Of course your reputation is important. It’s not something to be taken lightly. People will always talk more about a bad experience than a good one. So keeping within the parameters of a good salesperson is important to drumming up new clients, and keeping old ones happy. 

4. Staying current helps a brokowski’s plight.

If you want to impress the importance of how an annuity will help a potential client in the future, inject current events into your meeting. If you set aside time in each meeting to talk about the state of the economy, and how it can affect future plans, you might be surprised at how much these facts will shed light on the uncertainty of the future. It may just be enough insight to push a client to buy an annuity to help secure that future. 

No one will bother talking about annuities if they think you are just going to be another salesperson. So don’t be one. Instead, provide them with the reasons that you understand, and sincerely would like to help secure their future, and you’ll be surprised at much your annuity sales will be boosted. Why not, brokowski?

We hope that helps. Want more information? Contact us.