Month: June 2014

Never tried yoga before? Why not, Brokowski??

If your a brokowski and you’ve never taken a yoga class but have been thinking about it–or at least you are now–then let me toss you some reasons why you should stop thinking and just DO IT.

1. Yoga is NOT just for girls

Brokowskis are not limited by traditional gender roles, a brokowski is up for anything that he thinks might be a real bro time, true brokowskis will throw on retro teal, purple, and hot pink spandex and out bro-oga everyone in the room!

2. …but there WILL be girls there!

While breaking social gender norms a brokowski can still use this opportunity to socialize of course.

3. Yoga is, like, actually a really tough workout…

You really don’t even KNOW what working out IS until you’ve taken an hour and a half long Bikram yoga class in a room that is heated to 105 degrees and pumped full of humidity with an instructor who stands up on an elevated stage barking out 26 poses that are incredibly hard to master and pointing out anyone not trying hard enough. (…or there are less intense classes too.)

4. Yoga makes you feel gooooood

Working out and getting fit always makes a brokowski feel rad, and with yoga you also get a workout for your mind! Just let go of any stress and fully experience the brokowski moment.

5. Namaste is like the original “why not brokowski”

Translated into Brokowski, at the end of a yoga class when you say Namaste it means: “The bro in me recognizes and honors the bro in you, together we are one in our brokowski experience.”

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How a brokowski becomes famous

We have all noted people who are famous not for any kind of accomplishment, but for just being famous. People who inhabit a number of reality shows and tabloid magazines certainly qualify. It is only fitting that a good brokowski, if becoming famous, should do so by actually doing something of note.

Fame can be gotten in a couple of ways. The first is by a singular feat that hits the media and impresses a lot of people due to the heroism or some other quality that it represents. The second is by a body of work that builds up over time.

Obviously someone who does something heroic, like charging into a burning building to save a child or landing a passenger liner on the water safely, saving his or her passengers, qualifies for the first kind of fame. But an artist who makes a great movie, a writer who produces a great novel, a researcher who cures an intractable disease, or a businessman who creates a new product that enriches lives qualifies too.

The second kind of fame can sneak up on someone. A brokowski can work as a character actor in movies for decades, being overshadowed by A list stars, but still turning in a solid body of work until, one fine day, notice is taken. A politician can work in obscurity in a state legislature, helping to pass laws that help people, for a long time, only to suddenly find fame when ascending to national office, either by running, or being appointed to a judgeship, a cabinet post, or the second slot on a presidential ticket.

The takeaway is that no one will wonder why a brokowski is famous. That will be self-evident because a brokowski does great things that earn fame.

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Why the world needs dreamers!

We all know and can easily recognize the dreamers at a young age. They are the ones who talk about being rich and famous when they grow up. The adults roll their eyes and talk about reality or “the real world” and, sadly,  eventually douse some of those dreams.

Dreamers are some of the most misunderstood people in society. What society does not recognize is the dreamer’s most important superpower, ambition. What do you think Martin Luther King Jr. was? Or what about Steve Jobs? Or your high school drama teacher that refuses to give up? Dreamers are the ones that change the world, and need to be embraced instead of ostracized. 

With a dreamer’s mindset, anything is possible. Do you want to become a TV star? Is there a story you need to tell? What about that woman you met at the coffee shop two days ago? Do you have a promotion you are wanting and rightfully deserve at work? Well, go out there and fight for what you want! You can do it! Just imagine the finish line of where you want to be and go after it. 

If you find yourself focusing too much on reality, just let your thoughts travel back in time to when you were a child and dreamed of being a veterinarian. That feeling of excitement and hope you felt when you were just a dreamer did not have to go away. Reach for it and embrace it. There are more dreamers out there than you realize! One day we will rule the world! (See, I told you we were ambitious!)

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4 Solid Tips for Brokowskis Who Want to be Annuities Sales Leaders

Annuities can be a challenging thing to sell when it comes to selling insurance, especially if you are inexperienced at how the selling process works. They are serious, complex vehicles that are difficult to comprehend in the few minutes you may have to explain them, before it sounds too much like a ploy. 

But an experienced brokowski knows that in order to be an insurance sales leader, he’s got to take extra steps to learn the process and appease his clients… why not learn to be a sales leader, brokowski?

Here are 4 tips to help you the next time you are talking annuities with a client.

1. A brokowski is a teacher.

If you are in business, you likely have made it a career. But how are you at teaching? Selling an annuity can be broken into two parts: the pitch and the education. Where it usually goes awry is when you run out of fodder for the pitch. Learn to educate your clients on why an annuity can help them accomplish lifelong goals. Selling is business, teaching is a great way to get a potential client on board.

2. A brokowski learns to say no.

It may be difficult from a business perspective, but turning down a client isn’t always a negative thing (think about it for a minute). Since there are many companies that sell immediate annuities, there are many people looking to buy them. That means not every potential client is a match for your company. Be up front, and frank, and if you think someone won’t be a good fit, let them know.

In the end, they’ll appreciate your honesty and, after realizing just what you offer, may come back with a fresh perspective ready to be educated. Being involved in a business deal where both of you are unhappy is just plain bad business.

3. A brokowski’s reputation matters.

Of course your reputation is important. It’s not something to be taken lightly. People will always talk more about a bad experience than a good one. So keeping within the parameters of a good salesperson is important to drumming up new clients, and keeping old ones happy. 

4. Staying current helps a brokowski’s plight.

If you want to impress the importance of how an annuity will help a potential client in the future, inject current events into your meeting. If you set aside time in each meeting to talk about the state of the economy, and how it can affect future plans, you might be surprised at how much these facts will shed light on the uncertainty of the future. It may just be enough insight to push a client to buy an annuity to help secure that future. 

No one will bother talking about annuities if they think you are just going to be another salesperson. So don’t be one. Instead, provide them with the reasons that you understand, and sincerely would like to help secure their future, and you’ll be surprised at much your annuity sales will be boosted. Why not, brokowski?

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