The good habits of a rich brokowski

It is axiomatic that it is better to be rich than poor. People with more money have more opportunities to do more things, not only for their own gratification but also to help other people. So what are the good habits of a rich brokowski?

According to Efficient Life Skills, a financial planner named Tom Corely examined the habits of the rich vs. those of the poor and came up with some interesting observations.

Rich people tend to eat healthier and exercise more than to poor people. Rich people tend to be focused on a single goal and maintain a to do list more than poor people do. Rich people tend to read more, watch TV less (especially reality TV), network more, and say what is on their mind more than poor people. Rich people, responding to question, will state that good habits cause success and bad habits can be detrimental to the same than do poor people.

The takeaway from this study suggests that there are habits that tend to help one become rich and those that can keep people in poverty. It suggests that if one wants to acquire more wealth and thus all the opportunities it can bring, one might want to cultivate good habits.

The United States especially is a country that has a great deal of socioeconomic mobility. A person born poor is not condemned to live the rest of his or her life in poverty. On the other hand a person born to great wealth can squander it as easily as it was made and find him or herself destitute at the end of the day. The key factor, it would seem, is good vs. bad habits.

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