Why should a brokowski grow a beard

Why should a brokowski grow beard? Simply put it is the rare male face that is not improved by being adorned by facial hair. A beard lends authority and character to a face that is otherwise bland and nondescript. Depending on the man and the type of growth, a beard can denote authority or menace.

Buzzfeed lists what it calls 22 reasons why men should grow beards. The best reason is how some of the most famous people might not have been so famous had they been clean shaven. Would Abraham Lincoln be as great a president had he not grown whiskers? Would Che Guevara have been as intimidating a revolutionary had he remained clean shaven? Who could imagine George Lucas or Steven Spielberg without the beards? Would the Indiana Jones movies have turned out as cool?

The vast variety of beards allows for a decree of self-expression. There is the minimalist soul patch that just darkens the cheeks, as if a guy just forgot to shave for a day or so that conveys the image of a bad-ass. On the other end of the spectrum we have the full, bushy beard that brings to mind the mountain man, lumberjack, or Viking warrior. In between there is the well-trimmed beard that a Victorian gentleman or an opera singer like Pavarotti might sport. Of course you can also just let the thing grow wild and you can be either a rock star or a homeless man, depending on your income.

The best reason to let the facial hair grow is the savings on razors and shaving soap. You can use the money instead to buy a few more books, see a few more movies, and maybe take a lady to finer restaurant from time to time.

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