Getting Things Done In Your Spare Time; Why Not?

That phrase “spare time” always makes me laugh.  If you’re the type of person whose list of things to do is a mile long then sometimes it can feel like there’s no such thing as spare time. Even the time it takes to sit down and watch the Superbowl or visit a movie theatre can feel more like wasted time than spare time.  But the truth is that everything we do in every minute we’re awake is “spare” time because we get to choose how we spend it. So why not, Brokowski? Manage your spare time like a boss.

But what about my day job?

It’s true, your day job is a choice. No one is forcing you to go to work every day. If it’s that miserable, then find something new. If you can come to a place where you’re happy with your decision to work there, then you need to put on a smile and use your time as wisely as possible.  There are apps for productivity that can help with that.

In the meantime, if you’re feeling like there’s not enough time for getting things done at work, then begin by keeping a time-tracking log and getting real with yourself about what you’re spending your time on at work.  Once you have a real understanding of the way you’re currently using your time you can make a conscious effort to delegate tasks elsewhere, perhaps hire a personal assistant or a virtual assistant or rearrange your schedule and tasks to become more efficient. 

Dwight D Eisenhower had a great 4 quadrant system for determining which tasks should be delegated and which should be done by you.  If you ever have problem giving up control of tasks then by all means look up his system and learn more about it.

Getting Things Done at Home

The key to getting things done isn’t always about finding the time, sometimes it’s about gathering supplies and having a formal plan for making things happen.  If you keep meaning to get around to repairing something, creating a piece of art or rearranging something at home then back up from the task just a little bit and start right now by breaking down the steps it will take to get the job done.  Schedule time to prepare for the task and when you’re ready, schedule time to get it done.

Getting Things Done in Life

Nothing can help you solidify your intentions better than devoting a little time every week to clarifying your thoughts and goals.  Life planning experts teach us that nothing awesome is going to happen if we don’t plan for success.  Make yourself some long-term and some short-term goals and make sure that every day you’re completing something toward your goals. 

So what are your long term and short term goals, Brokowski?  Contact us and let’s collaborate on how to get more things done.