Be a Doer, Be a Brokowski

Imagine. A pal stops by with a brand new off road utility vehicle. The first words out of his mouth are “Dude, this thing will go anywhere!” So you take him up on a ride. Why not brokowski?

Fast forward four hours and forty miles later. Walking into your house laughing, the first words he says to your wife are “We almost died!” If this bud you just risked your life with ever wants to hang out with you again, those aren’t the words to share at this moment.  

It was an awesome adventure, and one you will be sharing memories about for years to come. Life is full of times worth taking chances, the key is knowing when to take your friends up on the crazy offers and when to let them pass by.

  • Do call in sick to do the road trip, whether it’s in a Gremlin or a classic Ferrari.
  • Do take him up on the offer to backpack through Europe. Take the cheesy pic of him holding up the Pisa Tower.
  • Do every restaurant eating challenge. All of them. Eat the five pound burger and wear your free T shirt with pride.
  • Do say yes to every fishing trip, even if you get sea sick on ocean charters or have a fear of grizzly bears.
  • Do always be willing to be the designated driver, best man, bail bondsman, wing man, etc.
  • Don’t agree to take a couple of Vespas to a biker rally. Foot travel is always the better option.
  • Don’t agree to follow up any eating challenge with a celebratory six pack. Never a good idea.
  • Don’t sign up for the marathon obstacle course if you are more of a gamer. But do maybe have a cold one and some crutches waiting at the finish line for your bud.
  • Don’t be the guinea pig for his new paintball gun. Seeing if it causes pain shirtless is never your job.

In life, when your friend has an idea, you have a choice. Always choose the option that will make the better story. So that may even mean doing the “don’ts” as well. Why not Brokowski?

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