Month: March 2014

10 reasons to work on a personal brand today [Author unsure of what the edit request actually is, but tried]

“Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today” may be a cliche, but there is some truth to it. Especially when that “tomorrow” is the your time to shine. Here are the 10 best reasons you’ll find to work on a personal brand now, not tomorrow.

  1. An increase life values is likely to occur after you work on a smart brand. A brand is the vital puzzle piece that completes your image, your portfolio, and life. It has that special something that takes you to the next level. Whether you’re attracting clients or friends, this is piece says, “I’m ready for it all.”
  2. Recognition. When you see the “swoop”, Nike naturally comes to mind. It’s their way of being instantly recognisable with a glance. Having a personal brand, whether that is on paper or personal flair all your own, a brand gives you this same recognition and helps you stand out in your field.
  3. Look like a big fish even if you’re in an ocean of competition. While putting your brand on your items from letterheads and business cards to clothing and more you gain recognition, but this branding also instantly makes you look more professional and experienced. As a bonus it also makes your company look like a long lasting, stable person to come to, which gives people confidence to look your direction whether looking for a business deal or companionship.
  4. Be a good memory for your friends and clients — and those they refer to you. A smart brand can do a lot more for you than you initially see. When you hand your business card over your brand stays with the good feelings you created for your contacts. They can pass those good memories on to others with your card and their stories about just how awesome you are.
  5. Attract more good things. Your personal brand, like good karma, can draw even those without a reference. The key to this is creating a good branding that not only speaks of what you do, but also what you stand for. A brand like this will draw those in that want your service from you because of everything you are.
  6. Differentiate yourself from your competition. It’s easy to say you want a specific item, even things so mundane as toilet paper. However, what makes you choose one brand over another? Perhaps you’re drawn to the cuddly bear of Charmin or the economical value of Scotts. Whatever your reason, these little details not differentiate the different types of toilet paper on the market, but also draw a customer to them time and again.
  7. Differentiate what makes you different. You can use your brand to also state how you’re different from others. This is where you can integrate a your practices or beliefs that makes you truly shine in a different light.
  8. Paint a picture of yourself when words just aren’t enough. This is especially useful when you do something unique and would take more than a couple sentences to explain. Your brand and logo says it all for you in a glance — or at lease completes the elevator speech.
  9. Meet expectations — then exceed them. A brand is not just essential now a days to complete your portfolio, but it’s also expected. This is especially so in the creative world where a brand and logo is also used as a mini portfolio of the service.
  10. Show your commitment and pride in yourself with your logo. When you brand yourself or trade, you brand it with your hopes and dreams. Your logo and branding efforts show your pride in yourself and your work.

As you can see, branding can make a huge difference in your life. It can make you more money, instil confidence in yourself and network, and help you create something long lasting that you can truly get behind.

Personal branding isn’t just for you. Why not show your Brokowski some love with their personal branding? Even though Valentine’s Day has recently come and gone and the gifts and sweet nothings have ended we can all look for more substaintial reasons to conjure up motivation to be a better person, partner, roommate, or employee. Why not love your Brokowski like you would like all those other things in your life. Why Not, Why Not Brokowski.

How can you see branding working for you? Add your thoughts in the comments below. Or, come talk to us!

Bros Do Yoga Too: Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin

Hatha Yoga: Hatha Yoga is the most widely practiced type (and the most Brokowski type) of Yoga in the U.S. Hatha Yoga focuses on building body strength, muscle tone, supporter muscles, and flexibility through poses, also known as Asanas. The fitness journey of Hatha Yoga involves performing the Asanas more accurately over time. Hatha Yoga enhances core strength through poses that range from very easy to extremely difficult, yet most Asanas have alternative forms that allow practitioners to evolve through difficulty levels even at the single pose level. This is a great type of Yoga to practice with your bros!

Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa Yoga involves utilizing many of the same Asanas that are practiced in Hatha Yoga, yet the focus is more on breathing, body movement, and energy flow. Vinyasa Yoga is perfect for the creative and visionary type of bro. One pose goes directly into the next pose in a series of Asanas, also making it more of an aerobic or cardio exercise practice. Asanas are held for a short period of time before moving on to the next one, where the body and breath actions that connect the poses are just as important as executing individual poses correctly.

Yin Yoga: Yin Yoga is one of the slower types of Yoga, which is used primarily to open the energy centers of the body and create mindfulness, great for spiritual bros. Each Asana is held for at least several minutes and sometimes five or more minutes, where bros are called to feel and listen to their bodies from toe to head and from internal organs to the pores of the skin. The focus is on achieving a deep state of meditation while in each pose, as well as achieving a deep stretch that increases flexibility. Yin Yoga is ideal for all age groups, and the slow entrance into the Asanas ensures that existing injuries or physical problems are not further complicated by exercise.

Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga are all powerful styles of creating healthy bodies, and each style can be incorporated into regular practice. By experiencing the different styles of Yoga, bros more fully experience the art of Yoga. There are also many other forms of Yoga to practice, such as Svaroopa Yoga (similar to Yin Yoga) and Hot Yoga (a variation of Hatha Yoga). Besides, Yoga classes are a great way to bond with your bros and meet Yoga-bodied women!

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Be a Doer, Be a Brokowski

Imagine. A pal stops by with a brand new off road utility vehicle. The first words out of his mouth are “Dude, this thing will go anywhere!” So you take him up on a ride. Why not brokowski?

Fast forward four hours and forty miles later. Walking into your house laughing, the first words he says to your wife are “We almost died!” If this bud you just risked your life with ever wants to hang out with you again, those aren’t the words to share at this moment.  

It was an awesome adventure, and one you will be sharing memories about for years to come. Life is full of times worth taking chances, the key is knowing when to take your friends up on the crazy offers and when to let them pass by.

  • Do call in sick to do the road trip, whether it’s in a Gremlin or a classic Ferrari.
  • Do take him up on the offer to backpack through Europe. Take the cheesy pic of him holding up the Pisa Tower.
  • Do every restaurant eating challenge. All of them. Eat the five pound burger and wear your free T shirt with pride.
  • Do say yes to every fishing trip, even if you get sea sick on ocean charters or have a fear of grizzly bears.
  • Do always be willing to be the designated driver, best man, bail bondsman, wing man, etc.
  • Don’t agree to take a couple of Vespas to a biker rally. Foot travel is always the better option.
  • Don’t agree to follow up any eating challenge with a celebratory six pack. Never a good idea.
  • Don’t sign up for the marathon obstacle course if you are more of a gamer. But do maybe have a cold one and some crutches waiting at the finish line for your bud.
  • Don’t be the guinea pig for his new paintball gun. Seeing if it causes pain shirtless is never your job.

In life, when your friend has an idea, you have a choice. Always choose the option that will make the better story. So that may even mean doing the “don’ts” as well. Why not Brokowski?

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Another why not brokowski moment on Pelican Lake, Mn

Who says fishing in March ain’t fun?
It’s the 8th of March and there is still over 3 feet of ice on the lake. The pressure is at 30, temperature is currently at 19 degrees and the crappie bite is hot and heavy. Outfitted by: EJ’s R&R, LLC. Talk about 5 star ice fishing, check out the equipment we are working with.





Doing and being inspired as well as imagining makes a true visionary

What makes a visionary? The dictionary definition of the term states, “having or showing clear ideas about what should happen or be done in the future.” That is a broad enough statement to encompass quite a few things.

The late Steve Jobs was a visionary because he imagined people doing useful and fun things with computers and electronic devices. That vision brought about the Apple Computer, the Macintosh, the iPhone, and the iPad, thus changing the way everyone plays and works. Jobs, however, took inspiration from Edwin Land, the inventor of instant photography.

The founding fathers of the United States were visionaries because they foresaw a country in which “all men were created equal” and that people would be able to determine their own political destinies and not be dependent on a king. But these men, who met in Philadelphia and made their miracle, took strength from one another and became, in many senses of the word, a band of brothers who often formed life long friendships. Adams and Jefferson, while their relationship had its ups and downs, corresponded frequently later in life and died within hours of each other 50 years to the day the Declaration of Independence was signed. 

Gandhi could see an India free of British rule and, even more importantly, a country freed through non violent resistance. The thing was done after decades of struggle. Gandhi had a number of inspirations, including Leo Tolstoy with whom he corresponded.

The trick for these and countless other visionaries lies in not just imagining something that could happen or be done in the future, but also what is needed to be done to bring that about and then to do it. Otherwise the visionary is nothing more than a dreamer. And the other lesson is that everyone who is a visionary is usually inspired by others, family, friends, or some other great person.

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