Month: February 2014

Want a More Interesting Life? Why Not Brokowski?

I’d venture to say that everyone would like to have a more interesting life. Put another way; we all feel as though, to some degree, our life is not as interesting as we’d like it to be.

Well, why not brokowski with your inner self?

A big reason we all feel that our lives are less than ideal is we’re consciously and subconsciously measuring our lives against the lives of others – our relatives, friends, celebrities, and other brokowskis. But that’s a false standard because we don’t really know what’s going on in the lives and minds of those other people. All we really know is what they choose to show us.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to emulate certain positive things about your brokowskis in order to better yourself and your life in some way. But your goal shouldn’t be to, in a sense, “become” them. All that would do is make your life like theirs rather than a more interesting version of your own.

So the key to creating a more interesting life for yourself is to compare your life today to your life yesterday. If you’re doing something today that makes your life just a little more interesting than it was yesterday, you’re moving in the right direction, and that’s all you can reasonably hope for. And occasionally you’ll be able to do something today that will make your life significantly more interesting than it was yesterday – bonus.

I think a good first step in making your life more interesting is to evaluate the different facets of your life, and rank them in order of importance. This can be a little challenging because they often overlap. For example, you could argue that family and work life overlap because you have to earn a good income to provide for your family. You could even argue that they are of equal importance, and you’d probably be right. That’s why it’s also important to maintain balance.

Unfortunately, maintaining balance can be difficult, especially when others are involved. Using the family vs. work example, you have your spouse and children demanding consideration on the one hand, and your boss and coworkers demanding consideration on the other. Those inner dilemmas can get dicey at times, and sometimes they boil over into interpersonal dilemmas. Over time your brokowskis will recognize your boundaries, and grow to respect them as long as you remain fair and consistent.

Once you’ve evaluated the different facets of your life, you’ll probably find that there are some things you’d just as soon eliminate for whatever reason. That’s actually a good thing because it frees up a lot of your thought, time, and energy. It’s akin to clearing useless cookies from your internet browser. Now you have more time and energy to invest in the things that really matter to you. And investing in the things that really matter will put you squarely on the path to an ever more interesting life.

If you’d like some help getting in touch with your inner brokowski, contact us today.

How a trend can benefit you

To us, the benefits of a trend are obvious. But then they should be; it’s our business. So we’ll take a moment or two to explain just how trend can benefit you.

We all have that friend, that guy who everyone else notices. They always look perfectly put together with their own flair on the lastest styles. They are envied because of their laidback ways as well. Well, believe it or not, you’re a trendsetter too — you just have to unlock him.

Being a trendsetter isn’t an innate thing. It’s developed by staying aware of the latest styles and embracing things as your own. That may make you ask, “So, what exactly is a trendsetter anyway?” The trendsetter is the fellow who follows his personal style — in both looks and act — yet manages to be admirable to others.

It’s all about confidence in yourself and what your looks and actions say about you. This works whether you’re aiming for the laid back surfer image for the weekend or confident, cutting edge techie at work, or debonair romantic during a date. The looks and actions deliver a message, and this message is your trend.

So, follow along with the fashion and industry trends, but twist them so you’re exactly who you want to be. Whether you want to always look stylish or be ahead of the style curb; no matter how you practice the art of manliness  your chance is right here. Come right in.

Why Not Brokowski is a branding project to help you embrace your own life, passions, dreams, failures, and more. Let us help you embrace your inner trendsetter and let him out. To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

Exploring Some Great Bromances

Whether it has been an ongoing thing for years, or you have only known each other for a short time, one of the most important relationships for a male, particularly an unmarried male, is a bromance. It is a relationship guys, both fictional and real, have been enjoying for years but which until recent years did not have an actual name. Consider some great bromances:

Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter of Boy Meets World 

The friendship of Cory and Shawn is the fictional bromance of many of our childhoods. They were two guys who stuck by each other’s sides through seven seasons. Sure, girls came between them at times, but they always seemed to reconcile and renew their friendship. Even during Cory and Topanga’s wedding episode, it is Shawn and Cory leaning on each other throughout the ceremony.

Chris Turk and J.D. Dorian from Scrubs 

Throughout much of the series, Turk and J.D. share an incredibly close friendship, even when it gets in the way of the men’s romances. There are even a few episodes where this bromance is blatantly discussed including when they sing “Guy Love” in “My Musical” and in “My Comedy Show” when their friendship is mocked, and J.D. admits it is a bromance.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Close friends for years, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s friendship started when they were children, long before either one was famous. Even though both married and they are both fathers of three children, Affleck and Damon are known for their close friendship, often called a bromance.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton

Singers Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, both act as The Voice judges. Throughout the show, Levine and Shelton have hugged and expressed their brotherly love for each other. 

Of course there are many other famous and non-famous bromances. If you have your own bromance, you probably understand the importance of close friendships between two men. If you have this sort of relationship, think, “Why not Browkowski?” Contact us to learn more about what this means.

Having a Super Bowl Party? Why Not Brokowski

– Americans will consume 11 million pounds of chips over the weekend.
– A ticket at the 50 yard line cost about $10,000.
– A 20-ounce cup of Bud Light will cost $14. I’ll pass!
-“Typing” gloves come with every Super Bowl seat at MetLife Stadium. I’m comfy in my living room. Thanks anyway.
– Americans will eat 1.25 billion chicken wings on Sunday. Agreed. No question.
– Animal Planet to air the 10th Annual Puppy Bowl X, Sunday, 3ET/PT -can’t watch this from the game, but you can from home.

Source: wsj feb 1. 2014